Thursday, May 4, 2006

I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts...

So it seems that this Sunday, May 7, is to be names "Ten Commandments Day" according to a bunch of freaks who feel that God somehow has been in control of America all along (And somehow only lately lost track? Sounds like God may have Alzheimer's...) and say that the following three questions:
  1. Is it possible that the mark of God-- the Ten Commandments was placed in America over 500 years ago?
  2. Is it possible that God claimed the United States over 200 years before the declaration of independence?
  3. Is it possible that the notion of One Nation Under God literally got its stamp of approval in the wilderness of North America ?
and that these questions and more will be answered on the Ten Commandments Day telecast May 7th, 2006. I guess if you're really dying to know if the above things are true, you can go to the website to find out what stations to watch and when, but I mean, come on, I hope you aren't expecting anything resembling logic...

Their statement of faith?

We, the members of the Ten Commandments Commission and supporting people of faith, proclaim Ten Commandments Day on the first Sunday in the month of May, commencing on Sunday, May seventh of 2006. Furthermore, we proclaim Ten Commandments Day to be a day dedicated for the display, awareness, commemoration and celebration of the Decalogue which we know to be the Divine foundation of the JudeoChristian faith. We, the members of the commission, serve as a cohesive group of spiritual leaders representing millions of followers who affirm the beauty and the uniqueness of our differences. We believe that rooted in God's Ten Commandments is a Divine plan that transcends color and diversity, sanctions brotherhood of man, and respects cultural expressions in all of God's children. We, who serve as a council of leaders, are committed to utilizing our united passion to provide purpose and direction for reversing the enormous tide of immorality continuing to be released throughout the United States of America and on all continents of the world. This unified voice will culminate annually on Ten Commandments Day and serve as a global, spiritual platform calling for a renewed awareness of morality based on the Ten Commandments. This platform will respond to the call echoed throughout creation for a true expression of love, harmony and reconciliation among all nations, ethnic diversities and genders through education and rededication to the moral standard as given by our Loving Creator. Therefore, we are calling on all community and spiritual leaders; churches, synagogues, fellowships, ministries, organizations, and all who are concerned about moral values to celebrate the annual Ten Commandments Day by hosting local events in support of the Ten Commandments and what they represent. Finally, we proclaim the need to heal the wounds of history through strategic and practical objectives, proactive love and obedience to the Commandments.
Don't you just love how all the fundies proclaim "diversity" as long as you subscribe to their theology? Not that religious beliefs are the only thing diverse about our world, but their view of morality and religious teachings leave very little room for individual anything, let alone beliefs.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a group of secular humanists are also announcing that May 7 will be "Ten Amendments Day" to counteract against the religious intolerance being propagated. From this article:

On Ten Amendments Day, May 7th, we come together in local communities in supporting our Constitution, the freedoms it preserves, and the rights it protects. Why is there a need to support and promote the Bill of Rights?

Powerful forces are working to undermine the principles that have kept Americans free for 215 years and jeopardize the liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

Religious activists are seeking to install God in our government. On May 7th, the Ten Commandments Day Commission and millions of followers will lobby to replace the Ten Amendments with the Ten Commandments, replacing our civil rights with their religious preferences.

Visit the Ten Amendments Day website at to learn about the Bill of Rights and the debates that went into the creation of our secular Constitution. You'’ll find articles about the Ten Commandments and the current court cases attempting to force religion into the government, as well as other press resources.
I will leave it to you, good reader, to determine which side of the fence I reside on.

Maybe the Ten Commandments people will move to South Carolina?


Kelly said...

Ooooh! Ten Commandments Day! Will there Chocolate-covered stone tablets? How about Sloth Dogs? Do we get to covet something? How about Commandment Eggs that we could color! Do you think Hallmark is going to hone on on it and make Commandment Cards? How could you NOT be excited?


Ergo Sum said...

"Do we get to covet something"

!!! HAhaha! That truly made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! So funny!