Friday, August 28, 2009

Near the Beginning...:
In the Beginning...

It was one of those things I couldn't quite wrap my brain around as a young child being indoctrinated into the church. Granted, my brain wasn't fully formed and open to all types of different influences and suggestions, and when you're a kid, it doesn't cross your mind--well, at least it didn't cross my mind (different things could be said for the other four)--that I could ask questions. Be that as it may, while I was being scared at the mind set of a certain blogger under this blog post, I was reminded of how close-mindedly obstinate I was back when I was a fundamentalist. I mean, when you say things like:
  1. "What I am saying is that God has the right and prerogative to put any sinner to death at any time, b/c sin's penalty is death.";
  2. "I dispute that human suffering is obviously a moral evil."
  3. "Theoretically, God could (I'm not sure how, but I'm sure He could think of something) reveal that everyone is obligated to kill homosexuals now, and it would be morally right."
... Words defy this mind set--even knowing that I used to think like this (shudder, shudder) is scary, but to hear it now, from the other side, having realized just how mind-bogglingly arrogant, self-righteous, and prickish I was...!

Ugh. Anyway, no matter how abhorrent I find this mind set to be these days (and pride myself on the fact that I only made one comment on that thread, otherwise I do fear I would have brought down the tone of the entire conversation out of sheer frustration in response to the brick wall...), it DID inspire me to draw up a few new comics, which I will be entitling Near the Beginning. I do hope you enjoy. I think I'll be putting up a comic per week until I run dry--or, at least until the asteroid hits... And, as always, clicking on the picture will open it up in a larger window for your visual pleasure...

Near the Beginning: In the Beginning...

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