Thursday, May 4, 2006

Oh, the Concerns of the American Family...

Boy, I'm sure glad the American Family Association is worried about this little piece of ... I'm actually not sure what you would call it ... societal dating?

Apparently, the Kentucky Board of Education is introducing legislation to adopt the BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era) dating system, and dropping the BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini, Latin for "in the year of our Lord") method. So apparently, this will traumatize American families so freakin' much that the AFA is taking a poll on whether we (you know, the American Family) feel this is a bad, bad, evil, evil thing.

History has already proven that the exact date of Christ's birth (and yes, recently I have found non-biblical evidence of his life, but that's for another day) was not, in fact, 0. Most likely more along the lines of 3 to 7 CE (Ooops! I may mean AD! I wouldn't want to harm any American families by stating otherwise!).

The current voting on the Web site is... Guess what? I dunno. They wouldn't show me the results of the vote so far, and neither could I find the results anywhere on their site. Maybe it's because I bothered to vote that Yes, Kentucky should adopt BCE and CE, since BC and AD are inaccurate anyway. (And that's only the logical argument.)

But, since I am not able to see if my vote was the tie-breaker or whatever, perhaps they decided to drop it? Maybe they no longer care? Or maybe they realized it was a stupid battle. Who knows?

Also, on their Web site, you can read about how Ford is sponsoring Gay Marriage! Dum-dum-dum-duuuuummmmmmmm. Again, how this is a "danger" to straight couples I have yet to figure out. But then again, they're really only concerned with saving an inaccurate dating method.

*DISCLAIMER*: No American Families were harmed in the posting of this Blog. If it seems that any American Families were harmed or injured in any way as a result of this Blog, please contact your ass.


Anonymous said...

I have to ask, though, doesn't it seem illogical to change what letters follow the date, when the numbers are the same and it means the same thing as the "current system"? The BCE/CE system is still based off Christ's birth, regardless of what letters follow the number. And it still doesn't change the fact that there is no year 0, so if you're going to fix it, fix it right. I have to say, I think it's not a matter of defending family rights, or Christianity, which is off the mark half the time anyway, as a matter of logic, when changing AD to CE doesn't change a thing. Time is relative anyway, lol.

Cori said...

The problem with this whole idea, as well, is that it implies that there is an 'ideal' family that all these things (like changing what we call the date by) are threatening to destroy. But what is the ideal? Is a two-parent family necessarily better than a one-parent family? Is an ideal family not the family that takes lifes ups and downs together rather than protecting itself from the bad world out there?

Jason Hughes said...

Anon: "Time is realtve... Lunchtime doubly so... Drink up! The world's about to end!" LOL

Cori: "Ideal" is in the mind of the beholder... Normal in America is certainly different than the family in Italy, Brazil, and certainly in South Africa, I'm sure! Of course, though, I would say you and Kevin are normal, but I'm sure others would disagree with that as well! :D

Thanks for stopping by, guys!