Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Something Stormy This Way Spins...

How Ballerenic, yes?

Ballerenic... Yes, I suppose it's not a word. Although it does seem as if the clouds themselves pirrouette upon the sky, positioning thus to form the eye as the clouds and waters spin into a great wall of wind and rain, lightning dancing, thunder keeping time, trees bowing at the great performance of nature as it edges closer to the land which will ultimately end it's performance!

As Isaac approaches the state of Florida, I'm excited in the same way I used to get excited for snowstorms--perhaps more so as it doesn't involve cold temperatures or snow. Wind, rain, probably some hail, a multitude of lightning and thunder, but snow shovels need not apply!

This shit's already melted when it falls! Oh happy day!

Of course, I'm on a learning curve here, and I'm tickled pink that I'll be getting my feet wet on a category 1 huricaine. (Pun, indeed, intended...) I've been told by the natives running around the it's not even worth getting excited about, let alone worried, for anything less than a category 3 storm, but I'm a newbie, and I plan on taking some pictures of the beach beofre hunkering down in my concrete bunker of an apartment as the waves crash upon the beach with the wrath and anger only swirling winds and evil-eyed storms can do!

Still, I did what I used to do when I heard a big ol' snow storm was a'comin'! Ran to the store for bread, bottled water, canned vegetables, a few bottles of wine, and--of course--ring bologna, cheese, and Ritz crackers... Nothing says comfortable-storm food like ring bologna, cheese, and crackers! With some white wine in the appropriate wine glass, that is.

Of course, the natives also tell me that I'm probably going a bit overboard. But I'm a firm believer in "better safe than sorry" while also being a firm believer in "enjoy everything," "find the bright side," and, last but not least, "fuck weather!"

Knowing my luck, this storm will simply vanish, or at the very least, go severely off-course by all the hot air being blown around by the sudden influx of windbag Republicans that are strolling into the state for their convention--but it seems to me, that if they truly were "God's party," what with their "pro-family," "pro-life," "pro-God," "pro-country" propaganda shit talk, God wouldn't've sent a tropical storm toward the very place they were having their convention, now would he?

Unless, of course, we consider that maybe--just maybe--God might like the Democras better? Jesus was, after all, a socialist...

Chew on that while watching the clouds roll in, boys... I have some ring bologna to slice up...


Aleta said...

My in-laws sent an email asking, "Is everyone making evac plans for Isaac?"

My response, "It's just a Cat 1." We're staying. It just means power outage and road flooding and some high gusts of wind. It could cause some big damage, but we've stayed through Cat 1's before.

Just be sure to stock up on water, get some ice, and have food available that doesn't require cooking. Oh and just in the event (though it's not so likely), that sewage becomes unavailable because of a break in the line or something with flooding - put water in your bath tub so you can flush the toilet :)

A generator is probably in all homes in New Orleans, after Katrina, so we have the no electricity issue covered :) Wishing you well and hoping it stays away from New Orleans :)

Jason Hughes said...

Thanks, Aleta!! We've stocked up on a lot of "essentials"--batteries, flashlights, water, food, and most importantly--wine and cheese! :) I hope it stays away from New Orleans as well--you guys have def had your fair share in the last decade or so!!

mom said...

sRhello jason! :) sorry your big storm kind of went down hill. i understand why you got excited since i am still waiting from last winter for a good blizzard! not many people like this idea but at this point i would like to just get some good snowfall and some cooler weather this winter. i know with our want of bad weather means some bad things but i only want the bad weather not the bad things that come with that. i guess that makes sense. well, don't know if you are off today but if you are i hope it was a good day. take care. love and prayers