Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Just Saying...

Rich: I'm just saying, everything you plant there, you end up moving. Why don't you just leave it empty? Or leave a plant there?
Me: This is my default plant zone. If in doubt where to put it, I put it here until another part of the yard screams to be filled by it.
It's a Zen thing.

Rich: But the last five things you had there looked good--why not just leave them there?
Me: I have a vision (tapping my head) and those weren't part of that vision.
Sort of like, "How many screaming banshees can dance on the head of a pin dominated by angels?"

Rich: Well, I don't see it.
Me: You don't have to. I know you'll end up seeing it when it's done...
And that's the only real test, isn't it? Seeing it there...

Rich: Aren't you ever going to leave anything in that spot?
Me: One day, when the right plant--or tree--comes along. Hmm.... A tree...
A big black horse AND a cheery tree! Nah--I'd have to move the horse eventually....

Rich: You're hopeless.
Me: I'm just not willing to settle is all. I know what I want my gardens to look like, and I also know when I see a plant I want, but don't yet know where it should go. Thus, it calls this home for a brief period of time until I find out where it actually belongs.
Back to that Zen thing... Or "Garden Fung Shui for Defeated Perfectionists"--great title for a novel--or perhaps an alternative rock punk band with goth influence, don't you think?

Rich: As I said, hopeless.
Me: Not hopeless, hopeful that one day it will look like it looks up here (tapping my head again)
Perhaps a statue of a big black horse? Sans cherry tree?

Me: I do believe they call persons such as myself "visionaries."
Rich: Not outside of an institution they don't.
"The Visionary Institutes of America." Sounds catchy, if a bit new-agey. What would I charge for tuition?

Me: Hey, that's my line.
Rich: You know I love you more than my luggage, right?
I could get Julia Roberts as professor of big beautiful smiles...

Me: And that's Olympia Dukakis's line.
Rich: I'm just saying...
Did you just call to say 'I love you'?

Me: What are you saying?
Rich: You're weird. And I love you. And leave a plant there for chrissake!
You did just--stop by on your way into the house--to say 'I love you'! How sweet!

Me: Find me the right plant and I will.
Rich: You have every gardening catalogue known to mankind! You can't find what belongs there out of hundreds of color photos?
Me: That's all I'm saying...
Rich: Hopeless...
Me: Love you too!
It's a Zen thing...

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