Monday, June 9, 2008

An Interview with My Friend, VK Lynne

You can check out VK's MySpace page here, or her blogspot blog here.

Easily one of the most musically-talented woman I've had the pleasure of knowing--and a sweetie to boot!

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mom said...

hello jason! i am a little behind on listening to this. i finally turned my music off to hear this. sorry vickie i took so long to listen to your spot. she is so SWEET! i had tears in my eyes just watching her. she is such a fine young woman! the only thing i would suggest is getting a pedal steel and a fiddle in that band. :) maybe i will take some lessons and join the band?? :) i just have a feeling she would not let me join. :) just fooling around about this because i think she is very talented in what she is doing. but i can dream yet! :) thanks for putting this on. it was good to see her pretty sweet face! :) love and prayers