Thursday, April 24, 2008

Micromanagement Will Be the Death of Me...

Boss: "Why didn't you use the yellow form?"
Me: "Why should I? It has everything the white form has on it; it's just yellow."
Boss: "But the yellow is meant to point out that it's a different client."
Me: "Isn't that what the line 'Client: _______' is for?"
Boss: "That's not the point. The point is, when you are doing paperwork for Client X, you have to use yellow."
Me: "But why?"
Boss: "Because... Is everyone else using the yellow form?"
Me: "I dunno..."
Boss: "We'll need to have a meeting. Go get Tom, Dick, and Harry*, and I'll get everyone else to my office... Say, 10 minutes?"
Me: "Because I didn't use the unneccessary yellow form? Isn't yellow paper more expensive?"
Boss: "I'm not sure, but we need to make sure we utilize the tools at our disposal. Ten minutes, my office."

*Names have been changed for no reason whatsoever...

This, unfortunately, is a daily occurrence in one form or another... No pun intended...

Thanks to the sis-in-law, Ann, for the link to the awesome cartoonist full of inspiration here.

Sigh. That'd be so nice...

6.5 more working days until vacation...


DaBich said...

Ahhh..see what happens when I don't visit for a while? New format (I like it), new pic (You handsome devil you!).

I gotta new work I like, fits your boss. Fucktard.

Bluez had it in her blog and I love it, it fits so many idiots so well!

FCSuper said...

God forbid you have more clients than their are colors of paper available at Office Depot! :)

STB said...

So if you continue to use the yellow forms like the fucktard wants, wouldn't the white forms become old and yellow? Would you be able to use the yellow forms that were previously white or is the fucktard prejudice against formely white forms? Also did she say why she prefers yellow? What not a pink or lilac color, or where they already being used for clients formerly known as @#$%^?