Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This is Not a Procrastination Post...

Well, perhaps it is. I promised Journey Woman I'd post about my honest for-real-and-for-true feelings about race (and although I'm not sure she'll hold me to it it!), I have much more to say than I thought I would--but then in turn, my mind wanders a horrendous amount on to tangents and thus, I end up having to do things like this for the off-shoots to be extracted from the main post in an effort to
  1. keep the forthcoming post on-topic,
  2. clear my mind of the tangents,
  3. and express things I normally don't think of expressing
and thus, the Procrastinator's Post is born...
First, about the banner at the top: "Embrace Diversity." I'd like to say for the record that there is a vast amount of distance between embracing diversity, and tolerating stupidity. Just because you believe a pink unicorn saved your grandmother from cancer last Christmas after promising to never miss praying naked in the woodsy hallows on sacred unicorn holidays does NOT mean I should automatically give your belief system due respect and credit, and thus allow it to be embraced as valid in this reality of ours. This, of course, does also in turn NOT mean I believe all people of faith are stupid--in fact, many people of faith have brought brilliant and enlightening things to light, have done a lot of good for mankind in general, and don't hoard their faith to their ass, trying to suckle life from the Dying Babe of Fairies! However, it must be said that an embracing and celebratory nature of DIFFERENCE does not equate a celebratory embracing of ALL DIFFERENCES.
Second, two plus two will ALWAYS equal four. I don't care how much you pray, have faith, sacrifice time, and do good works in an attempt to prove to the world that Genesis is a historically accurate and literally true account of where life--and its subsequent diversity--came from. Math doesn't lie. Math is a universal truth. Two plus two will always equal four, I don't care how much you want it to be five, or negative seven, or ten to the six-hundredth power.

This all started with what can only be called the DUMBEST magazine in the entire world being located in my parent's bathroom, called Answers (put out by the notorious psuedo-science group, Answers in Genesis). In this episode of Answers, they claim that tigers have claws and fangs NOT because they eat meat (even though they do), but because before the fall of mankind, when every creature was supposedly a vegetarian, the tiger ate plants that were really tough to chew through... Of course, that's never minding the fact that they don't have molars for chewing plant fibers, that they've been around for nigh on two million years (NOT four thousand) eating the flesh of other creatures, and ignoring how a human sin could possibly effect a tiger's dietary habits...

Need I mention that they also claim that somehow, in 4000 short years, micro evolution is the reason there are so many big cats that all descended from two semi-large cats that Noah had on board his tugboat?

This would be a prime example of stupidity that need not be celebrated under the umbrella of diversity.

There... I feel a bit better. Now I can concentrate better on what might be a pretty lengthy piece about race in America.

And thank you for your support.


Kel said...

I just can't get past the fact that you're quoting a magazine that you read in the bathroom. Do people have a lot of "questions" in there?

Darkmind said...

Lots of questions can be pondered in the bathroom. Apparently you have never eaten at the El Vaquero TexMex Sushi Bar. Nothing makes you sit on a toilet screaming "WHY?! WHY?! DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN, WHYYYYY?!?!?!" like a raw fish taco.