Thursday, December 21, 2006

And People Wonder Why There Are Polish Jokes...

It seems that a couple of fundies, I'm sure with the "best" of intentions (HA!) decided that they should make Jesus Christ (you know him as the dead son of sky god) an honorary king in Poland...

From the article:

Lawmakers have drawn up a resolution naming Jesus Christ as the honorary king of Poland, but have failed to win support from the country’s powerful Roman Catholic church.

Lawmakers for the ruling Law and Justice party and League of Polish Families as well as the opposition Peasants Party back the resolution, said Szymon Ruman, spokesman for parliamentary speaker Marek Jurek.
Oh, did you hear that? A family values group, and a "peasants party" (what the fuck is that?) "backed the resolution." Brings new meaning to "blessed are the poor," doesn't it? Can you hear them now? "I'm a peasant, dammit! Bless me!"

In a bold, new turn-around for religious fundies, a couple of bishops had this to say:

"Let parliament deal with passing better laws that we need," Gdansk Archbishop Tadeusz Goclowski said.

"This kind of action, although it may stem from good will, sounds a bit like propaganda," said Bishop Tadeusz Pieronk.
Of course, if the American "Family" Association and Fred Phelps had their way, this could easily be an American joke, and not a Polish one... The part where the bishop says "Sounds like a bit of propaganda" makes one wonder what they consider it when they claim Jesus as "the reason for the season." Are you telling me that isn't propaganda?

And of course the Roman Catholic Church won't endorse it! Why, that would take away worshippers from the Pope!

I wonder what actually goes through someone's mind to make them think up this crap... I mean, on the one hand, if sky god's kid is already king of kings and lord of lords, need it really be a Polish law? And if he isn't already, well then, it does make crowning him king seem a bit pretentious. I mean, how effective--how "honorary"--could crowning a dead guy be? Sure, it means your taxes won't get raised--at least, not by him. But it would make holding court a bit--drab? Boring? Deadly?

One must also consider if this isn't another silly attempt to bring about the Apocalypse. Seriously, a little while ago, a bunch of loony right-wingers decided that they needed to up their missions world-wide not because of the souls in need of hearing the gospel (although I'm sure they thought that was a nifty side-benefit), but because they think the bibble says that when every soul on earth has heard the "gospel," Christ will return... perhaps within two decades! (So much for my thirty-year plan... On the up-side, we won't have to bother solving that pesky "social-security" thing, now, will we?)

an estimated 40% of Americans believe that a sequence of events presaging the end times is already underway. Among the believers are pastors of some of the largest evangelical churches in America, who converged at Faith Central Bible Church in Inglewood in February to finalize plans to start 5 million new churches worldwide in 10 years.

"Jesus Christ commissioned his disciples to go to the ends of the Earth and tell everyone how they could achieve eternal life," said James Davis, president of the Global Pastors Network's "Billion Souls Initiative," one of an estimated 2,000 initiatives worldwide designed to boost the Christian population.

"As we advance around the world," Davis said, "we'll be shortening the time needed to fulfill that Great Commission. Then, the Bible says, the end will come."

An opposing vision, invoked by Ahmadinejad in an address before the United Nations last year, suggests that the Imam Mahdi, a 9th century figure, will soon emerge from a well to conquer the world and convert everyone to Islam.

"O mighty Lord," he said, "I pray to you to hasten the emergence of your last repository, the promised one, that perfect and pure human being, the one that will fill this world with justice and peace."

At the appropriate time, according to Shiite tradition, the Mahdi will reappear and, along with Jesus, lead Muslims in a struggle to rid the world of corruption and establish justice.

For Christians, the future of Israel is the key to any end-times scenario, and various groups are reaching out to Jews — or proselytizing among them — to advance the Second Coming.

A growing number of fundamentalist Christians in mostly Southern states are adopting Jewish religious practices to align themselves with prophecies saying that Gentiles will stand as one with Jews when the end is near.

Evangelist John C. Hagee of the 19,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio has helped 12,000 Russian Jews move to Israel, and donated several million dollars to Israeli hospitals and orphanages.

"We are the generation that will probably see the rapture of the church," Hagee said, referring to a moment in advance of Jesus' return when the world's true believers will be airlifted into heaven.
Some fundies will never learn. It boggles my mind how, even when it comes to the so-called "end times," all the religions are falling all over themselves in an attempt to get their god to come back. Not out of any great concern for others--out of concern for themselves... True colors, people--they're showing.

The truly sad, sad part is--when god never does come back, 10,000 years from now they'll still be people worshipping him, saying it's just around the corner...

Meanwhile, the rest of us will have solved social security, cancer, heart disease, and made twinkies healthy as we sun-bathe on the rings of Saturn...


Darkmind said...

Personally, I'd rather see the rupture of the church than the rapture of the church.

Anonymous said...

Want to see what Christian Zionists don't want you to see? Then visit Google or other engines, type in "Powered by Christ Ministries," and then look at "Roots of (Warlike) Christian Zionism."

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Secret Rapture said...

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