Saturday, July 8, 2006

Anger?; and Conversations with My Nephews...

It seems to be an overarching theme read into my posts. I've been told this not only by the fundies (think Adam [the e-mail stalker], Beth [from A Worshipping Christian], and even some anonymous, non-balled persons here on this blog), but by my brother Tom as well. So I ask you, dear reader, does anger really seem to be at the root of my posts and overall attitude at this forum?

Maybe I'm too close to it to see it clearly. Anger is certainly one of a myriad of emotions I portray when posting, and I think anyone who didn't show some type of emotion must be some type of automatron. I do get angry at stupidity, but I don't feel it is the ruling emotion. Written word is also harder to convey tense and emotion, which is why I try to be overly sarcastic when called for, and use the ever-recognized icon of smiley-face [:D]. Is it truly me? Am I that angry? Or do people super-impose their thoughts and emotions onto my written word?

I'd truly like to know, so if you have any thoughts to add, please feel free to do so.
I watched the dear boys on Saturday when Tom and Ann took some well-needed R&R hiking up a mountain, or some other such ungodly thing you wouldn't catch me dead even thinking about. It was a gorgeous day, so we kicked a Wal-mart smiley face volley ball around the yard, watched Lion King and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and played "Who Can Crash Their Matchbox Car More Loudly." But here was a typical, intellectually stimulating conversation between me and the four- and two-year-old:

Henry (4): Jathun?
Me: Yes, Henry?
Henry: Why do you have two fish tanks?
Devin (2): Fishies!!!!!
Me: Um... Because I do.
Henry: But why?
Devin: Fishies!!!!!!
Me: I don't know... Because I do?
Henry: Did you want two fish tanks?
Devin: I want drink!!!!!
Me: Hold on, Devin, but-- I mean, Yes, Henry, I wanted two fish tanks...
Henry: Why?
Devin: DRINK!!!!!
Me: Okay, follow me to the kitchen, Devin. What, Henry?
Henry: Why did you want two?
Me: Because...
Henry: Why, Jathun?
Me: Um, I have two different kinds of fish-- (Pouring milk into a cup for Devin)
Henry: Are they mean?
Me: Is who mean?
Devin: I want water!!! No milk!!! Chocolate milk?
Me: No, I don't have chocolate milk, that's ice tea, which you can't have--um, No, Henry, they're not mean, their nice fishies...
Devin: WATER!!!
I pour out the milk and begin to fill the cup with water
Henry: Fishies are mean?
Me: No, they're nice-- Here, Devin, here's your water--
Me: I don't have choco--
Devin: Whass that?
Me: Ice tea-- that's Jason's, not yours--
Henry: Why?
Me: Why what Henry?
Henry: Why is that your juice? (Pointing at the jug of ice tea)
Me: Because that's what I drink--
Devin drops his cup of water
Devin: I want juice!!!
Me: I don't have juice-- (Grabbing a towel)
Henry: Do fishies drink water?
Me: Um, I suppose so--
Devin: Can fishies have my water? I want juice!
Me: Your water is on the floor, Devin, so no, they can't have it, and I don't have ju--
Henry: Is that a cuckoo clock?
Me: Wha-- where? (Mopping up water as Devin jumps in it, grinning from ear to ear)
Devin: WATER!!!!
Henry: There! (Pointing at a non-cuckoo clock)
Me: No, it's a regular clock... Devin, don't-- stop--
Devin: MILK!! DRINK!!
Henry: I like cuckoo clocks!
Me: That's nice, here Devin, there's milk--
Devin: For fishies?
Henry: Do you have a cuckoo clock?
Me: No, and no--
Devin: Fishy clock?
Me: No--
Henry: You have a fish clock?
Me: N--
Devin: Fishies have milk?
Me: N--
Henry: I want a drink, too!
Me: Milk or wa--
Devin: JUICE!!
Me: I don't have ju--
You get the idea... for twelve hours...

But I wouldn't trade it for the world!!


Darkmind said...
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Kelly said...

What would be wrong with most of your posts being angry, anyway? Maybe that's how you feel. Of course, I don't think that's the case. It's very difficult to convey emotions and sarcasm online and I think that things can be easily misread.

Besides, we all know you're just bitter. ;)

DaBich said...

What I read and "feel" here is your sarcastic wit. I don't see any overt anger in your writing at all. You simply state facts as you see them. If people can't deal with that, there's no reason for them to call you angry. They don't have to read it =D

But hey, if I had to deal with those two quick minded nephews for long, I'd sound angry too LOL!

I bet they're adorable. :)

Dar said...

You do drop the "F" bomb alot, and that is a pretty fooking offensive word. However, your point comes across as that particular expletive highlights your frustration. It just wouldn't convey the proper tone of your true feelings if you were to say instead, for example, "flipping fundie".

I personally am all too reminded of the taste of Irish Spring. F is for Forbidden!

DaBich said...

Awww...the f bomb is just another word, like fooking and friggin ;)