Thursday, February 23, 2006

Why Do We Struggle With...

... the concept of original sin? Okay, maybe it is just me that struggles with it. As I was studying and thinking about this whole Adam and Eve thing last night, and the trees and such, about the action of eating the fruit and it's supposed consequences for all mankind, I realized that the whole basis of this biblical story smacks our constitution right in the face. A bitch-slap, as it were.

The whole original sin thing is, all men are evil and sinful because once upon a time, Adam and Eve screwed up--royally. And now all of us pay for the consequences by burning in hell, unless, through some kind of intervention, god deems you worthy to hear the gospel truth, and you accept Jesus into your heart for salvation. This is, invariably, a nut shell. So any conservatives reading this, please feel free to use the "comments" section to expound upon this if you wish. I am many things, but a censor I am not.

Anyway, we here in America live by a creed: Innocent until proven guilty. We believe that people are NOT sinful and evil UNTIL the facts are brought before our peers, reviewed (hopefully) in an objective manner, and then we find out who indeed is evil, and who is not (in a perfect world).

I believe in objectivity. I am an optimistic objectivist. I practice it as much as I can. I even give Bethany the benefit of the doubt that she actually thinks, when spewing these facts about nonsensical things, she has a good heart and contributing something meaningful into my life. I may bitch about it here in the not-so-privacy of my blog, but there it is. I believe most people are NOT evil and bad, but simply making their way the best they can in a world that doesn't give you an instruction booklet. I believe everyone IS innocent until proven they really were trying to hurt someone (individually or collectively), that they didn't have good intentions. Maybe this is the basis for my disbelief. Maybe its a multitude of things that my mind can't quantify at this time.

I do know that I disagree with what I was raised with.

And I know if I were to admit this to my parents, they would believe I am going to hell.

It sucks to be in the closet; but it's a very different closet, and I don't at all like the wardrobe. I know one of these days it will come to a head, and once again my parents will wonder where they went wrong with me. But that's not a bridge I'm willing to cross at this time. In many ways, they are still reeling from the gay thing from eight years ago.

But that is another story.

And my apologies to Kelly for making her eyes bleed... maybe it's too much ham? :D


Kelly said...

If you think about it, though, original sin is a great marketing tool. How else would a church guarantee patrons (and money) for generations to come? I personally believe all of these things were "invented" (or at least cashed upon) by the religious establishment who will only help you when they deem you worthy. How can they teach God is All Loving when the church doors open wide for straight men and women only?

That. my friend, is why I am not religious. Spiritual, maybe, but religious? Never.

Ergo Sum said...

Hey there.

Well, i'm sure by now, if you've read the many posts I have about God and religion on my blog, you know that I am an atheist - rejecting everything from spiritualism to religion to mysticism.

Anyway, there are a couple points I thought you might be interested in thinking about. I've heard some Catholics debate me with the concept of Original Sin as being popularly misunderstood.
According to them, Original Sin is akin to a "state of disinheritance"... kinda like being the 2nd or 3rd generation children of a royal family that were banished into exile from their Kingdom.
In that sense, Adam and Eve (the royalty) were banished from Eden (the kingdom God created for them, where they ruled over the animals) and we are the children of these exiles... existing forever in a state of disinheritance and passing it along down.

Jason Hughes said...

I've actually never heard that argument before, ergo... very interesting, though. And I do enjoy perusing through your older posts and reading your conclusions and such regarding such matters...

... and Kelly, I can see easily how religions do use these as marketing these days, but in the past, I feel like they were more for power and control, not so much money, although for the RCC I'm sure that's always been a factor to some degree :D

Catch you all later!



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