Monday, February 13, 2006

I Didn't Burst Into Flame...

And to those of you who know me, there are only two times when that happens.

1.) When I'm drunk and get flamboyant
2.) When I enter a church.

Okay, so I've yet to burst into flame when entering a church. I found that out today. My good friend Trace's father passed away late last week, and the whole gang was there for moral support.

Since Sharon is the only one in our group with an ounce of Christianity in her, I was miffed when she didn't get up for the communion thingy. I don't understand if this is a lack of faith on her part or a lack of character. I plan on asking her later. No worries, she won't be offended.

Oh, and my grandmother is fine, BTW. No death, or even something closely resembling it. At least, that's the talk along the grapevine.

My younger idiot brother may have had an epiphany this past weekend. He called my mother to tell her he thinks he has a drinking problem. Now, I give him kudo's on two counts.

1.) He does, and his questioning it shows greater self-analyzation skills heretofore unknown to man
2.) Thinking was never his strong suit.

We'll see if the epiphany lasts long enough to run out of Bud.

My youngest sister is in the hospital once again for not being able to keep anything down, dehydration. They may keep her for a week this time, and do some kind of tests to check to make sure the baby doesn't have any kind of genetic disorders or something that may be making her sick. They think her body might be trying to rid itself of the baby. I don't know all the details, but as she keeps me informed, I'll pass it along to many millions of daily readers.

Now I have to get back to work and try to make up for lost time this morning. The only thing that could have prevented this was the flameage that has yet to make an appearance on sacred ground.

Oh well.

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Kel said...

I feel the same way. When I went to my cousin's catholic church wedding, I thought the statues were giving me dirty looks and/or the priest would throw holy water at me. I guess it just goes to prove that churches welcome ALL. ;)