Friday, January 27, 2006

My job...

Maybe it's just me, but I want to work to LIVE, not live to WORK.

I don't think I'd mind all the OT and the political bullshit, and the brown nosing near as much if I at least made a decent wage. I'm sure what I make would be considered decent to some people, but not to me. We can barely pay our mortgage each month, we never go out to eat anymore, and my mortgage is only $100,000. I know this would probably be an easy life if Rich hadn't accumulated $20,000 of credit card debt before I met him, but I can easily blame that on his ex and his lack of common sense at what was his tender age at the time.

I just hate the feeling that I'm not getting anywhere in life. I want kids. I want to be able to order pizza when I feel like it and not have to worry if this means we'll have to make a car payment late or something.

Life sucks right now.

If anyone is looking for a commercial artist, I have plenty of experience in Quark, Corel, all the Microsoft products (Word, Excel, etc.) and work equally well on both a Mac and a PC.

Save me from this hell.



I'll be at work all day Saturday.


In other news, I will have the house all to myself tonight, which means I can spend the night surfing, selling things on eBay, or do nothing, if I desire. Maybe I'll finally start that novel.

FYI to all future authors:
1. There is NO need to thank everyone you've ever met in your entire life in your acknowledgements. It's a waste of my time and yours to type it out.
2. Notes are actually very simple. STOP SCREWING IT UP!!!!!! If you can't type your notes right the first time, look it up in the Chicago manual of style. It wastes my time IMMENSELY!!!!!!
3. Learn how important comma use is AND STOP USING SO MANY!!!!!!!!!!
4. Learn how to write.
5. STOP REWRITING YOUR BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I deal with all your bullshit on a daily basis. Knock it the fuck off!

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