Thursday, January 26, 2006

Annoying facts of life...

What is it with minivan driver's thinking they're driving a sports car? Crawling up your ass like wherever they've got to be, it's apparently more important than where you've got to be?

1. I am also on my way to work (or somewhere equally important, if not more important, than your kids soccer practice. Sorry, but it's true.
2. No one can crawl up my ass without my permission, esp. if you haven't even bought me dinner yet.
3. You are driving a minivan.... need I say more?

Get off my ass! I could leave you in the dust in a heartbeat! (I drive a mustang, V6). Here are the reasons I don't leave you in the dust...

1. There's another car in front of me. This is rush hour, after all.
2. Even though you haven't bought me dinner, sometimes all I need is a quickie.
3. If I've had a really bad day (and if this is coming home from work, you can bet I did), I like annoying the piss out of you.
4. You are driving a minivan.... need I say more?

*** Topic shift:

It took me three hours to convince Rich that we needed to buy new black ink for our printer last night. The only night I've gotten home from work on time, and I need to spend three hours proving to him that our printer is out of black ink. Now, this is after Ms. Minivan thought she was all that and a bag (which she wasn't), and I wasn't really in the mood to be patient with obtuseness....

I barely got home in time to watch Lost. And that wasn't even worth it.

And now Bethany is talking to me about Gilmore Girls.... do I look like a Gilmore Girl watcher? HELLO?!?!?!

Ugh... maybe I'll get to annoy another minivan driver on the way home....

It would at least bring a smile to my face...

*** Topic shift:

Dogs are going to take as long as they damn well please to take a dump. Despite yelling, bitter cold, wind chill, and an 8 hour wait to go outside. Who gave them control over leaisure time of the world?


Kelly said...

You're so right! I think it's because people who bought minivans actually wanted to buy a cool car, but couldn't because they have ONE kid and lots of crap to haul around. So basically they're very aggressive because they're mad at your cool car.

Anonymous said...

bitch please ur annoying as hell even more than tha "minidriver" u complain about everything get over yourself please do urself a favor u look like an idiot talking about things that annoy you when your the annoying one

Jason Hughes said...

And I care about what you have to say because...?

Not to mention you need to stay a little more current. This post was from last January, dippy.