Friday, January 20, 2006

Brokeback Mountain ...


Okay, so I cried a lot.

A river poured forth from my tear ducts, cascaded to the front of the theater, and I'm quite sure by the end the first two rows were in life boats. Some thought they ended up in the wrong theater and were watching Titanic. Minus Leo D.

It's up there with Moulin Rogue for me. I know Kelly won't know that this gives away a lot, since she was too frightened by Hanz Ziegler to even get beyond the opening song of Moulin Rogue. So I think I'm safe in saying that.

Sure, it's not a musical. It's not as fast as Moulin Rogue either. But the tragic love story is right up there. It does piss me off that my older brother said, "I'm not going to go see that gay cowboy movie." Yeah, cause that's what it's all about. Gay cowboys. Another poster wrote about how she doesn't get how people would want to see two men "getting off on each other." Can I just say that the actual man-on-man action here is less than a minute long--in a movie over two hours long!!!!! I don't boycott "straight" movies when there's a straight love scene, do I? (No, the answer here is no.) Love is love is love. Two men, two women, a man and a woman.... yadda yadda yadda...

Speaking of yadda yadda yadda, my friend Scott told me it was as long and drawn out as "The English Patient," which, I'm sorry, I'm with Elaine on "Seinfeld" with the English Patient. It sucked. Brokeback Mountain did not.

In other news, my weakness for the wacky-tobacky is still strong, culminating in another weak moment last night. Scott was shocked to learn that I'm sneaking them in here and there, but I am only human, and as long as Rich doesn't find out, I should be able to avoid long lectures on health, the universe, and everything.

My grandmother (god bless her selfish, scheming soul) lectured me on my birthday about how good it was that I gave it up. I told her the only reason did so was because they were too expensive, and she agreed that they were. Not that she smokes, but she won't even call me long-distance to ask me to call her back because it costs her money to do even that much. But she'll spend the 39 cents for a stamp. Go figure.

I also found out I'm becoming an uncle again. This will be niece/nephew number 7. So I'll give my shout-outs to them one at a time:
1. Samuel Nelson H., b. 12/26/98, put up for adoption by my sister as she was only sixteen when she had him--love you lots, nephew, wherever you are.
2. Olivia Joy O., b. 2/18/01, daughter of Sylvia (sister #1) and Jon O.
3. Thomas Henry Allen H., b. 12/9/01, son of Tom (brother #1) and Ann H.
4. Devon Nelson H., b. 11/24/03, son of Tom and Ann H.
5. Ceili June G., b. 10/10/04, daughter of Chuck and Cynthia (sister #2) G. (I'm a little fuzzy on this and the next exact date... when the number's get to be this many, you kind of lose track... I mean, come on, I've got four bros and sisters to remember on top of their off-spring!!!)
6. Brenton Michael D., b. 11/17/05, son of Michael (Rich's brother) and Wendy D.
7. To be announced, b. to be announced, child of Chuck and Cynthia G.

My younger brother Mike has done us all the favor of refraining from procreating thus far, but that could be because he can't even take responsibility for himself, let alone another life form. Thank god for small favors, eh?

That's all I got today, catch you all sometime over the weekend...