Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Directionless in ...

A 10 minute drive to a local Walmart turned into an hour and fifteen minute countryside drive.

Not on purpose.

That's what happens when you
  1. Live in a new neighborhood
  2. Have to navigate that new highway you haven't driven on
  3. Live in small town, PA
I did find a lot of great little towns in the sinking sunlight. I'll never figure out how to get back to them, of course. That's half the beauty, if you ask me.

What isn't half the beauty, is, of course, the 1/4 tank of gas I didn't plan on using, the fact that I wouldn't have even been lost if the goddamn store I originally was going to go to had been open during the business hours clearly posted on both their website AND on the door right above the "CLOSED" sign, and if I had bothered to do a quick google search.

On another note, someone opened their fat trap and told the ex-hubby I was moving to Florida before I had a chance to tell him this Sunday, but that's the way life rolls, eh? I'd rather he heard it from me, but what can I do? At least he has time to let it sink in before I go pick up any left-over mail and the few CDs that were inadvertently left at the house. Perhaps it can be a civil discussion? (Fingers crossed.)

As it stands, things are moving forward. Almost all the ties have now been severed, newness abounds (with seemingly every car trip), and things WILL be onward and upward. I will accept nothing less.

In the bright side, I found out where the chili-pepper festival is held on my own. On the dark side, it wasn't happening at this time of year.

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