Thursday, June 23, 2011

And the Winner Is...

Yes, yes, ladies and gentlemen--you are reading the blog of a winner. Sorry, that should be A WINNER.

You see, I've just won something from a contest on Facebook--I know, Facebook, of all places! (But before you get too excited, no, it wasn't a Hover Car...)

Of course, this isn't the first thing I've ever won. I originally won these adorable, gay-pride-colored Grateful Dead-esque little guys in a raffle at a camp site far, far away from where I currently sit and impart my wisdom to you:

See, there's Squishy, and George, and Dixie, and... Ahem! Well, yes, where was I? Oh, the winning. Me = Winner.

I know, I know--the bears do bring to mind strawberry fields, pot heads, bad seventies-porn-type mustaches... But they're mine, and I won them, and I love them...

But today, folks--TODAY--I've won Preen! Preen, if you didn't know, is a weed killer. And I won because I submitted the winning caption on this photo:

My winning zinger of awesomeness:
This is your brain on gardening... Any questions?
The contest was put on by the National Gardening Club (of whom I am a proud Life Member) to see who could come up with the awesomest, zingiest, most creative caption for the picture above--and out of the (thus far) 212 comments, it is I, Jason Hughes, who was declared, and I do not quote, "Awesomest." (And the only reason I do not quote is because they actually forgot that part in the email letting me know I won, but I'm thinking it's because they knew it was implied... And it was...) I can't wait to start killing me some weeds!

Of course, I can't help but think if Karma is trying to tell me something:
  1. Win Marijuana-type Bears
  2. Win Weed Killer
You think... Maybe...? Naaaah!

I'm just one of those people--you know?


At least, that's what I tell you the next time you nonchalantly stop me tomorrow morning to say "Hi! How are you?"

I'm a WINNER. And don't you forget it!

(The husband is so not going to let me enter contests anymore... But I like to think it's so others can have a better shot at winning...)


mom said...

hello jason! :) so happy you won! you can pass some of that weed killer down to me since i do have weeds and i can't pull them out so easy. i remember when i had deer to eat it all. just wanted to say hello and let you know that i am happy you won! i am trying to think what i won in my lifetime and i really can't think of anything. daddy says i won when i married him. :) :) :) really?? :) you call a bunch of kids and cleaning up after all winning?? :) love and prayers

Lazidaisical said...

Ha! Congratulations! That's hilarious!