Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Something Random This Way Comes...

Yes, that is a pygmy goat.

No, I don't know why I chose that particular picture.

As I happen to find true every year about this time, I find myself yearning for certainty and simply staring out the window at dead trees and flowers of a summer gone by once again. Perhaps it's because my birthday draws near, or maybe I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or perhaps it's just because I hate not knowing if I can possibly survive the ennui. (Thank god my name isn't Neville, for multiple reasons...)

But now I'm just drowning in my own self pity, so--onward and upward.

Do you think the Mayans may have been off by a year? Perhaps it's 2011, and not 2012, that the world ends, what with all the dead fish and birds that are cropping up with an alacrity that defies explanation (unless you truly are a believer in the Stargate program). Once can't help but wonder if maybe--just maybe--climate change is more than just a liberal lie meant to make right-wingers suffer from migraines. Of course, since pygmy goats have yet to fall from the sky or wash up in rivers, perhaps it's just coincidence, never mind the raining cats and dogs... (not part of the Mayan prophecy either...). But do you think that one dog giving birth to seventeen puppies in one litter could be the fulfillment of such a thought? Perhaps Etana just wanted to give the the Duggars a run for their money--let's face it, seventeen in one shot is a whole hell of a lot more impressive than nineteen over the course of decades...

Here, have another random photo:

Yes, that is a naked man riding a fish. Some people know him as Titan: no one actually believes in him anymore (i.e., we're all a little bit atheist), but it sure makes for a better garden statue, than, say, a dead guy hanging from some wood. But that may just be me.

Which reminds me of that quote:

"If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses." --Lenny Bruce
Hmm... Not quite the romantic symbol now, is it? It also would have negated that Roman soldier from having to stick a sword through his side. (Can you say "Needless violence much?") Notwithstanding the crown of thorns bring fried (the reinvention of potpourri...), it's funny to entertain the notion that, had that Jewish-Mexican dude Jesus been alive just twenty short years ago instead of "back then," right-wing persons would have been all about the death penalty (thus ensuring their savior's demise) while it would be up to us "liberals" to try to get his sentence changed to life imprisonment. Not that claiming to be a god is a sentence worthy of death these days (Oh, how enlightened we have become!), so we can only assume that, in order to have made sure he could have died for all our sins in today's day and age, he would have had to have been a terrorist, or, at the very least, a mass murderer. (Again, however, a lot less romantic of a notion...)

Don't you just love random?

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