Tuesday, August 4, 2009

None of You Will Make It Out...

Sorry, but I couldn't resist. Yes, it probably just burst the hell out of that little bubble you call Your World.

It had to be done... Trust me.

You. Will. Die. Well, there's this little thing called "taxes" to worry about in the mean time, a lovely way to fill 30 to 90 years, give or take a decade.

Life truly is the only thing you're never going to live through... It's a bit sobering until you learn not to take it so seriously all the time!

Sure, people like going on about this and that, "eternity" and such as if anyone can truly fathom what eternity entails. Like they were talking about going down the street to the local pub. "Oh, yeah, right, eternity with the big G, you know? Have you thought about it?" (Obviously you haven't...)

"Don't Be Afraid.... Arthur Dent..."

The screen goes blank.


Very large and not-so-friendly letters, are they? (I also prefer "Don't Panic!" Much more reassuring...)

Be that as it may, it is a happy thought. Indeed, you aren't going to make it out alive--none of us are.

So don't take it so seriously, yeah? Lighten up a little! Enjoy yourself a bit! Laugh out loud...

(Just don't quit your day job... Taxes, you know...)

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