Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Rose by Any Other Name...

According to Rich, I win "GQ Lumber Jack of the Year" Award for this photo. Mind you, the only thing we did with lumber was burn it, and we didn't jack shit, but that's neither here nor there... (Although I love his rose-colored glasses...)

I know that's not why you are here, dear reader. No, camping isn't your thing, is it? You are here for the hard-hitting, no-holds-barred commentary on god, church, politics, religion, life, and otherwise, are you not?

"After all," you must be saying, "when did Jason become this world-traveling cover model? When did life begin to center around... camping?!"

It's the simple things, dear reader. The smell of a burning log. The crisp leaves crunching underfoot with the rainbow of colors that the slumbering oaks and maples have provided. A lightly browned marshmallow smashed between two crunchy graham crackers, the chocolate melted just so. Staring at the stars, tracing the lines of Orion, the moon rise and fall, the night owl calling for information.

Oh, and the caves! They were beautiful! A little water, some minerals, and tons of times, and the most stunning formations appear. Ice cream sundaes of iron and calcite, chandeliers of salt, waterfalls of iron and granite. This needed no creator, my friends. Just time. Time, water, and a conscious mind to reflect and admire...

Time marches on, however, and all too soon I was staring at a monitor at work making green things so that people like you, dear reader, can go to the store and buy them, never realizing the headaches, micromanagement, and over-thinking that goes into such items.


But at least we'll always have Luray. And you won't lose a writer.

So I suppose it's win-win. (CLUE: Put those rose-colored reading glasses on and tell me how you couldn't live without reading this blog...)


elj377 said...

I enjoy your pithy comments on life my friend and the craziness that inhabits others lives as well. Love the cave shots and fall shots! Looks like a fun weekend!

mom said...

hello jason! i really think your dad and i made a good looking son! in fact, i think all my kids are good looking. :) i am with you about the joys of camping! you are young enough to do camping the way i love the most but when you get to my age you like and need a bit more comfort. :) i am glad you got to enjoy the caves! did you feel the spirit of your young mom and dad before you when you were there? we spent our honeymoon down there visiting VA. pretty state. and this is for your sister sylvia, i don't know how to comment on your space but i saw your pictures and saw the orb! :) :) nice pictures. jason, you got to give more pictures on your vacations like your sister! :) well, better go. love and prayers

Jason Hughes said...

Hey Mom, if you click on this link:

it will take you to my MySpace were you can see most of the photos we took while in Luray. :)

Happy pic looking!!

Jason Hughes said...

This link to the pictures...

Sylvia said...

Hi Ja
While I do indeed like your pic, I don't think you look like a
Anywho, I'm really glad you had a nice time in VA. But, you should smile more in your pictures so everyone will believe you had a good time (sound familiar) LOL
So, I will let my voice be heard when we sit down to plan our next vacation. I'll say, "How bout Luray?"
Love ya lots and lots! Red