Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Rack...

I once owned a T-shirt that said in big, bold letters, DISORGANIZED, and said T-shirt proceeded to give a long definition (now long since absent from my brain) about what being a disorganized person was...

And, while it may still hold true (a look inside of my closets [not the proverbial one, however] will prove this is the case), there are just some things I am completely obsessive about...

One of those things is my CD rack.

Now I realize this is a new age: People don't actually buy CD's anymore, they "download" songs onto iPods and cell phones and such. And, while I do dabble occasionally in the MP3 world and other nefariously digitized musical tunes, my CDs are still my main staple of music--a domain in which I rule what gets placed where, how, and in what condition, all physically.

Mainly, alphabetically!

If there's one thing that gets my knickers in a twist, it's when a certain someone places Mariah Carey after The Carpenters (my CD, and then nameless someone's CD, respectively), not realizing WHY it is important that they remain in ALPHABETICAL order. Nameless One, apparently, doesn't realize how important music is...

Granted, my books don't enjoy this same treatment: fiction is butted up against fantasy butted up against philosophy, butted up against biography, fiction, history, yadda yadda... No order, no rhyme, no reason. That's just how they are.

But music is different--when I'm in the mood to hear, say, Smashing Pumpkins, I do not want to hunt through over 300+ CDs in the hopes that I find it before my whim passes, especially when I'm on my way out the door for work!

But it does, indeed, happen, that I must try to hunt down something that should be in a certain place on my rack:

Me: Where is my Smashing Pumpkins CD?
Rich: Your what?!
Me: Smashing Pumpkins? Have you seen it?
Rich: Isn't it there?
Me: I wouldn't know since someone decided that, when they had off, they would willy-nilly listen to shit and not put them back where they were taken from...
Rich: Trust me, I have never listened to anything called "Smashing Pumpkins."
(And yes, there were air quotes utilized...)
Me: Then why are they not between the Sleepwalkers soundtrack and the Smoke That Thunders Native American Sounds CD?
Rich: The what and the what?
Me: In fact, where is the Sleepwalkers soundtrack? It should be right here after Skillet.
Rich: Are you making this up?
Me: Fine, I'll listen to--
(grabbing a random CD from the Tower-of-Pisa-like structure...)
Me: --Roxette. Sigh. Not really in the mood, though...
Rich: Why haven't I even heard of these groups?
Me: Because you still listen to the Carpenters and Bette Midler, you cliche-ridden slob.
Rich: Someone needs coffee.
Me: I'm going to be late--I'll see you when I get home.
And I did see him. When he came through the door, I had every single one of those 300+ CDs on the coffee table, placing them back in alphabetical order...

I could have spent this time finishing up my Christmas shopping. Instead, I spent the evening playing with my rack.

I suppose there are worse things in life. And at least I know the next time I need to listen to Enya or The Lightning Seeds, I will be able to grab it and leave... Well, at least until Nameless One decides to disco it up again...

The price we pay for cohabitation...


Anonymous said...

EXACTLY! CDs belong in alphabetical order, then each group or artists cd should be in order by release date (oldest to newest). Every time I get a new cd I find where it belongs and move every one down a notch to make room.
And for crying out loud, who puts the salad forks in the same slot as the dinner forks?
I'm in the habit of making an example of behavior that just ain't right. Somebody I know is very particular about their undie drawer. I'll rearrage that drawer, push their stuff to one side and add some of my boxers.
When it hits the fan I'll say, "Now you know." Then I'll slap someones face with my folded boxers and leave with a "Hah!"

DaBich said...

"Instead, I spent the evening playing with my rack."
ROFL...THAT is VERY loaded! Sorry, couldn't help it!

Nameless One...not so nameless either...but then, we ALL knew who it had to be LOL!

Loved this post. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Dayum, Christmas is coming fast!

Anonymous said...

:) hello jason! :) i started laughing before and after reading this! first, since i thought you were going to make a big deal about my newest most exciting decoration for my house and not a big deal about how cool i think it is about how uncool you thought it was. which your just jealous and don't want to admit it. :) :) than when i started to read it i laughed because you are my son and do take after me in some things. :) some people just don't have any organized skills at all and you have some and it comes from me! :) your not adopted! :) you cannot claim that princess di woman is really your mom. and come to think of it would you really want her for a mom? she doesn't seem to be that interesting of a person and now she isn't even around anymore. i am still here and she wouldn't have a 7 point rack on her wall either and be proud of it. her nose was so far up in the air when it rained i am surprised she didn't drown and kick the bucket that way. well, anyway, i am glad you at least keep those cd's in order. keep up the good work. :) and i named my decoration "Buck". his friends call him "Bucky". you probably won't be calling him that. :) love and prayers

BOB said...

I feel for Rich HAHAH! I am like him.

Kel said...

It COULD be worse...

When you have a kid, you'll have someone who loves to pull the CDs out of the rack just to pull them out of the rack. So Carey will be next to Jill Scott and they will be next to Rancid and Benny Goodman and No Doubt. You will be so frustrated that your perfect pre-child alphabetical order (how I miss it) will be forever forgotten...at least until s/he moves on to other things.

I feel your pain, but yours is a stubbed toe while mine is a lost limb!