Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Suppose Someone Else Can Be Right Every Now and Then...

So my sis Sylvia ruined most of my blog fodder this time around... As my husband even admits (even though he'd get laid without agreeing to this), I'm right 99.9% of the time.

But when I'm wrong, I'm wrong... I suppose...

My poor niece now has a bright pink cast as a small token to how wrong I was.

Sylvia, feel free to gloat... (Or, is that what you were doing with the multiple emails? :D)

Oh, that's right. You need back story.

It was a hot summer day, the kind that causes your sweat to sweat. Olivia was innocently playing on the swing set her grandfather had built under the shade of the (semi-)tall oaks when suddenly, disaster struck!

One of the thick ropes holding up the swing snapped like Hillary defending herself against Obama. Olivia tumbled to the ground, landing on her ankle.

Unaware of the events unfolding outdoors, my mother and sister were taking a leisurely breakfast when Olivia bursts through the door, ankle swelled like Bush's ego (except for a reason).

Sylvia, being the overbearing, overprotective mother that she tends to be, went onto full-on red-alert, except...

Back-to-school shopping still needed accomplished.

Enter Jason, Lord of the Temple of Dragons.

Jason, a mere 15 miles to the southwest, had just gotten into his sweltering Mustang for a trip to Wal-Mart for, among other things, a skimmer, weed killer, a T-shirt or two, and some furniture polish.

Because that's how he rolls.

Sylvia, still in full-on red-alert mode rings Jason's cell just as he starts the rumbling engine. Jason is quickly updated on the Emergency 911 situation and says, naively now it seems, "So she sprained her ankle. So? Yes, I'll wait for you guys to arrive to go to Wal-Mart."

The Wal-Mart experience is fraught with disagreement and tears. Olivia is placed in a wheelchair. Mom is egging on the full-on red-alert by downplaying Sylvia's fears of breakage, which only serves to make the full-on red-alert graduate into EMERGENCY UNPARALLELED BY ANYTHING ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE.

Jason is quickly, yet very unceremoniously, dumped back at his cape cod, sans weed killer, and three generations of stubborn Hughes women race off down the road.

She had broken her... Lemme see, how did Guilt-Trip E-mail Extraordinaire phrase it? Oh, yes, "fractured a growth plate in her ankle over the weekend."

Sigh. So here on this public forum, I admit that, in agreeing with Mom, it wasn't just a sprain. I have fulfilled my yearly obligation of .1% wrongness, and duly ask for my sister's forgiveness.
In other news, after placing the greater Douglassville area's 6 year old population in mortal peril, we traveled to Maryland to witness the birth of Gavin Benjamin, officially making me an uncle for the 8th time. And although he looks nothing like his brother, he is just as adorable, and thus fears of having a cute kid followed by a child beaten with the ugly stick have been laid to rest without fear of being resurrected.

Of course, at 7 lbs 11 ounces, he was nothing to sneeze at! His poor mother had to undergo an emergency C-section, but both are doing swimmingly well (as that is how they tend to roll...), and on Thursday the whole nuclear family will be reunited at home ("As it is written, so it shall be in the birthing times." --Jasoniticus 12:45a), doubling my mother-in-laws workload in a happy way.

Catch ya's later...


Sylvia said...

I must admit, that it did indeed feel good to be right - but I hate being right at the expense of my 6 year old daughter. But, lemme just say this - HA HA HA HA! I WAS RIGHT!
Ok...I did it...I rubbed it in a little....
BTW, we had to trek to Philly for her to be casted. Something along the lines of not a single pediatric orthopedic in the area...The cast is scheduled to come off on September 10.
She's doing wonderfully now though. And, she's not in as much pain as earlier in the week.
And she's in a walking cast, which makes her mobile.
But, thanks for the blog, Ja. I've been waiting for it. I returned to your blog since the disaster (about 6 times or so) and it finally made it to the internet world.
In your face Mom and Ja. LOL (just kidding) (a little)
Sylvia =) and
poor injured Olivia =(

mom said...

hello jason! i know this is backwards since i commented on the other thing first but you know me i always been a day late and a dollar short but i'm happy! :) i just want to make it clear that i was nurse good body (without the good body) for TWO WEEKS when i was working at school and that makes me almost doctor mom and i still say it was a sprain and the doctors now days make up new words just to charge more. so put that in your pipe and smoke it!! :) :) i will not admit i was wrong at all. :) :) love and prayers snort snort

Sylvia said...

Ok, perhaps not having the "good body" for being Nurse Goodbody has made you a little angry. This anger has made your thinking a little cloudy.
You were wrong...Ja was a big man about it...time to step up there Mother...=)
It's alright if you can't admit it though. I'll always have the sexy doctor from Philadelphia on my side.
I love you mom!

mom said...

hello jason! this is for sylvia and i guess if that sexy doctor of yours sylvia said i was wrong i guess i will say i was a little bit wrong. :) :) and i still have a good body!! :) :) a little fluffy and a little aged and i have brand new hips to boot. let me in my dream world about having a good body! :) SNORT! :) love and prayers to both of you! :)

DaBich said...

Ok, I'm glad you had yourself proven wrong, that your niece is taken care of, but...I wanna know one thing...


Jason Hughes said...

LOL!! It's a 1996... regular Mustang, I suppose... I don't know about al those XL's and GT's and such... There's no alphabet on the back, nothign like "GT" or "LMNOP," so... whatever the regular is... 2-door coupe thingy... :D

Oh, and it's green... :D

DaBich said...

::sigh:: is it a 6 or an 8??? Is it a Shelby? Anything at all special???

DaBich said...

Green is my fav color!!!!

Jason Hughes said...

It's a 6. The only reason I know this is because I remember arguing with my motor-head younger brother, and he said I should get an 8, and when I asked the difference, and I heard "uses more gas," and disregarded the "has more power" and "accelerates faster" part...

After all, I could care less how fast it accelerates... I just want to look good in my cool car, ya know? :D

DaBich said...

Green is my fav color!!!!