Friday, February 23, 2007

Some More Fine, Compassionate Christian Leaders...

Ever hear of "Dr. Henry Jordan"? (I think maybe the "doctor" part must be made up, like "Dr." Laura Schlesinger's...). You may remember him from this little indiscretion back in 1997:

A state Board of Education member, talking Tuesday about displaying the Ten Commandments in public schools, had a ready suggestion for groups who might object to it.

"Screw the Buddhists and kill the Muslims," Dr. Henry Jordan said during the board's finance and legislative committee meeting. "And put that in the minutes," he added.

The remarks made Tuesday were expunged from the written minutes, but were recorded on tape. The (Columbia) State obtained the tape under the Freedom of Information Act.

Jordan [...] said Thursday he thought the meeting was over and members were engaged in private conversation.

The tape, however, shows the committee proceeding to other items on the agenda.
Typical fundie. Says "add it to the minutes," then claims he thought the minutes weren't being recorded and had them stricken. Lie much? Oh, that's right, lies are okay as long as they're to advance "god's kingdom," right? The article from 1997 also reports Jordan as saying:

"I was expressing my frustration. We can't teach basic Christianity even from a historical standpoint, but they can teach about Muslims and Buddhists," he said. "They can teach any kind of cult. Buddhism is a cult. So is Islam. I'm getting a little tired of it."
"I did not wish these two religious groups any ill will."
"What I want to do is promote Christianity as the only true religion," he said. "This nation was founded to worship, honor and glorify Jesus Christ, not Mohammed, not Buddha."
This is almost like those games in the Highlights kids magazine: "How many things can you find wrong in this?" I know, we could go on for quite some time about his ignorance as expressed in 1997, couldn't we? Yep, he was a pretty backward thinker back then. But, as most of us are pretty optimistic about these morons, we think they learn over time, right?

Think again.

As recently as last year, when "Dr." Jordan unsuccessfully ran for lieutenant governor, he made the following statements:

Jordan said in May that science does not support Darwin's theory that man evolved from monkeys.
Of course it doesn't, you dolt! Find one scientific study not fabricated by "Christian scientists" that says we evolved from monkeys. Go on, I'll wait.

He said students should learn "intelligent design" along with evolution.

"I mean you've got to be stupid to believe in evolution, I mean really," he told The Associated Press then.
Then why isn't he against evolution being taught altogether? Why teach "intelligent design" beside it in school if you have to be "that stupid" to believe it? Moron much?

But I digress (for the time being) on this particular moron to bring your attention to a few more who have allowed "Dr." Jordan to join their little bid for the White House. "Dr." Jordan has been tapped by a Republican presidential wanna-be Duncan Hunter--simply more proof that Bush has set the standard so low that anyone thinks they couldn't possibly do any worse.

This presidential wanna-be also added to his team of "Go Jesus!" Horry County Auditor Lois Eargle. Ms. Eargle herself showed her fine compassionate conservative streak when she was involved in the following situation:

The former county GOP chairwoman said an illegal immigrant with three children came to her office this week asking for free legal help for an abused child.

"I told her the best thing for her to do was to get back to Mexico," Eargle said.
Way to be there for the abused children, Eargle! You make your Jesus proud!!

Duncan himself is not known for being, shall we say, the brightest bulb in the pack, calling Jordan:

"a great, conservative Republican leader" who agrees with him on strengthening the border, national defense and protecting jobs from going overseas.
Dodo's of a feather really do flock together, don't they? So forget the education of our children, ignore the abused children, screw Americans who aren't Christians and make sure that we get this Theocracy up and running! Vote Duncan "Dunce" Hunter for president in 2008, and screw the country even more!

That's exactly what Jesus would do, right?


Sylvia said...

This country is going to end up like America portrayed in the movie "Idiocracy." while amused at the funny parts of the film, I was saddened by the truth of it.

Cori said...

I keep trying to convince Kevin that most Christians aren't all the fundamental and frighteningly absurd in their idea as some of these extremists. But then when one hears these stories it really does give one shivers! In some countries hate talk is a criminal offence. Perhaps more countries need to introduce that? Although, criminally charging some of these what you all 'fundies' for their hate-talk would probably only feed their persecution mentality!