Sunday, December 10, 2006


It was a splendid weekend! As a Christmas gift to Richard and I, our good friend Michele paid for us to attend Philadelphia's GayBingo, a non-profit game whose proceeds go towards paying for medications, rent, and other needs for those living with HIV/AIDS. There theme this month was La-La-Leather! Two drag queens host every month, and several others roller skate through the crowds at the tables cracking jokes and verifying actual bingo winners. It was all for a great cause, though, and they managed to raise a couple thousand just last night alone (Saturday). I think they host these in various cities throughout the country, and I would highly encourage anyone who wants to have a good time while doing something for those in need to check it out! Here's a link to the Philadelphia location: Aids Fund Gay Bingo.
It seems there has been some confusion as to what the word "hypocrite" actually means, and even though a good friend did post the true definition under "comments" in my last post, here it is again for all those who seem to use some other "god-blessed" dictionary that others may not be privy to:

1: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
2: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

Hopefully that will help clear up some confused individuals and their somehow skewed definitions of the word. I guess we'll see.
This is shaping up to be another very busy week at work, but before I forget, we need to give props to mom, whose birthday was yesterday. She miraculously seems to have turned 25 again! Go mom! Of course, at this rate she'll never see a dime of those Medicare benefits that we hear so much about... On the same day my nephew Henry turned a giant 4 years old. Happy Birthday Henry!
Not really much else to report on the front lines of the war against terror--Oops! I mean radical Christianity (tomato, tomahto), but as soon as something pops up, you might expect to hear about it here. And when you do, I hope you'll drop a line to let us know your thoughts, even if we rabidly disagree about it. It's what helps make the world go round. Or, at least, this blog.

Catch ya's later!


brandon said...

1: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion----You are right this does not apply to you.

2: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings -----This does apply to you. You say you dont believe in God, yet you celebrate His sons birthday - that is the very definition of hypocrite, but you are too busy trying to prove you are right to see it.

It means absolutely NOTHING to me if you celebrate Christmas - I simply find it funny that you deny the existence of God, but when Christmas comes you get out the paper and bows. I hope you do celebrate Christmas - I hope you have a wonderful Christmas - its too bad you cant know the TRUE JOY of Christmas which is Jesus the Christ (thus the name Christmas).

So, you can let the hypocrite rant go now. I admit that I was wrong in part (ie - you do not put on an appearance of false religion), but can you admit you were wrong too?

Jason Hughes said...

A belief in god or christ is not a prerequisite for celebrating christmas--so no, I have nothing to admit being wrong about.

I hope, you too, have a merry christmas, all things aside.