Friday, November 10, 2006

I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts...

Call me crazy, but after all the nail-biting and hullabaloo at work, get this! I got a promotion and a raise! Yowsers! I even managed to wiggle in a raise for the two people it will take to replace lil ol' me! (I know, I know, bragging...) So what was all the hullabaloo?
As I mentioned in my last post, strange things were afoot at the Circle K. People laid off, others quitting with a rapidity that would make rabbits a wee bit jealous. So I had a meeting with N. to ask about these things.

Background: We make a lot of Green things, many Orange things, and very little Blue things.
What's Happening: It turns out that the Green things have become more profitable while the Orange things not-so-much. Blue things are up-and-coming as profitable, so we nixed Orange things entirely, resulting in the unfortunate dismissal of four people, three of which were just annoying pains-in-the-asses anyway. Old equipment has been sold as Orange things will no longer be made, but new equipment was ordered to make many more Blue things. The Green department, of which I am a part, is simply undergoing what a larger company would call a "corporate restructuring." But as we employ only about 50 people on a good day, it's more like a strange way of playing musical chairs.
What It Means: Good things for me, annoying times ahead for others until more people are trained (or hired and trained) on the goings-on of how we go about processing Green things, but overall a fulfillment of a deadline I made myself to happen by Christmas. Yeah me!
Side Note: This will, however, mean super-fast learning for the next three weeks, and hopefully the making of Green things will stay slow for a while, at least through the holidays, so that people can be trained effectively. We'll just have to strap in, and hope for the best. In celebration, I got a calzone from the Italian place down the street. It don't take much to make me happy!
Tomorrow, I will be finishing up my post on the Atheists basis for Morality, so you all have that to look forward to instead of this dysfunctional version of As the World Turns. So, until then...

P.S.-- Tamie, I am home tonight, so you can call! Enough of this phone tag already!!!


K. said...

Welcome to Supervisor World!!! So happy for you...I know you've been waiting for this day forever and ever and you TOTALLY deserve it!! I'm sure you'll do great. Just wish you were gonna be my neighbor instead of woulda been just like old times except there'd be a wall between us instead of a printer! :o) Anyway, CONGRATS!! Have a great weekend & I'll see you Monday!

emily said...

Hooray for, well, everything! You've deserved this position for years now, and it's finally happening. Molto grazie (thank you) for getting that raise for me and Erin... you truly are the best! So, there is quite the overhaul going on company-wide. Let's hope that lots of profitable Green and Blue things are made, that way more green ($$$) ends up in our paychecks. That would be swell. Wish it wasn't Karen leaving, though... Really wish it was R.N. retiring instead.

Hope that calzone was good... I treated Patt and I to pizza. :)

Kelly said...

Sure, I leave and the place gets restructured! :) Congrats on the supervisor position since you wanted it for quite some time. Who's taking over for you? And by the way, I was totally lost by the blue and green things and all that and I WORKED there. Sheesh.

Steve said...

Congratulations on the promotion!
Praying for ya.