Monday, June 19, 2006

This Ain't No Theological Quiz...

Although it would be fun if Tom were to take this one! :D

You scored as Out and Proud Queer. You're the Out and Proud Queer. Everyone knows you're gay, and if they don't, they soon will! Just watch out for those rural parts of America, where Rainbows are something shot at with shotguns by rednecks!

Out and Proud Queer




Drag Queen






Circuit Boy


Drama Queen


Str8 boi


Gym Bunny


Abercromibe Boi




Attitude Queen


What gay personality are you?
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Kelly said...

Closet Republicans DO NOT take quizzes! ;)

DaBich said...

You Queer??? uhh....take the qiz again LOL

Ergo said...

Oh my. How revealing is this!?
"Drag Queen - 30%
Slut - 20%
DRAMA Queen - 20%"

and this does not seem to "jive" with my impression of you. I mean, I didn't think you'd be any of it... and that would be a good thing (not having it):

"Abercrombie Boi - 10%"

Are you really somewhat 10% Abercrombie boi...whatever it means?

Dar said...

So if a female type like myself takes the quiz and scores "Str8 Boi", does that mean I am really a gay man? I knew it! I'm just trapped in a woman's body!

Seriously though, wearing anything labeled Abercrombie would be ridiculously tacky at my age.

Dating a 20 year old Abercrombie supermodel cashier boy would totally get me high-fived.

Jason Hughes said...

Kelly: Are you sure? How else do they "know" so many people are loving those so-called "tax breaks"? :D

Dabich: I would, but I'm afraid my drama queen" percent would go up higher!

Ergo: Well, having never dressed in drag, perhaps I have a 30% genetic tendency? I dunno, but I would guess it had something to do with not saying "Hell no!" and picking somewhere in the middle for "Glitter is my friend." LOL!

Dar: Well, you do play baseball... :D

I'm still unsure where the 20% for slut and drama queen came from, as I can count how many sexual relationships I've had in my life on one hand, and I certainly avoid drama wherever I go... As for 10% Abercrombie boi... If I were a blond-haired blue-eyed gorgeous surfer from California, it perhaps would have been more like 50%, as I do own a fair share of brand-name clothes (thanks to mother-in-law, sister-in-law and gift certificates), but if it's my own money, hello Walmart and Kmart!