Thursday, June 8, 2006

The "Culture of Life" Lie...

I'm pissed.

So the other night I'm watching PBS, and the had a story called "This History of AIDS." 2 hours. Very interesting.

Who here has ever heard of the "Mexico City Policy"? It was even part of a trial on Boston Legal a few weeks ago. It's a policy put in place by Reagan, Bush Sr., eradicated by Clinton, put back in place by Dancing Monkey, and it says basically this:

The Mexico City Policy announced by President Reagan in 1984 required nongovernmental organizations to agree as a condition of their receipt of Federal funds that such organizations would neither perform nor actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations. This policy was in effect until it was rescinded on January 22, 1993.

It is my conviction that taxpayer funds should not be used to pay for abortions or advocate or actively promote abortion, either here or abroad. It is therefore my belief that the Mexico City Policy should be restored. Accordingly, I hereby rescind the "Memorandum for the Acting Administrator of the Agency for International Development, Subject: AID Family Planning Grants/Mexico City Policy," dated January 22, 1993, and I direct the Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development to reinstate in full all of the requirements of the Mexico City Policy in effect on January 19, 1993.

Now, let's examine this a little more closely, shall we? The Dancing Monkey philosophy is this: Teach Abstinence.

What? You thought it would be longer? Never give the Dancing Monkey credit he hasn't earned.

In the 90s, Uganda was at the forefront in preventive HIV/AIDS prevention. They had a system where the government actively taught abstinence, monogamy, and CONDOM USAGE. They cut their HIV infection rate in half in just one year. It kept going down... down... down... until they accepted money from us, under the terms of the Mexico City Policy.

The AIDS epidemic re-exploded onto the scene.

It's happening all over the world. The United States is the leader in funding medical funding in developing countries around the world. But it comes at a cost. Millions of lives.

Let's talk about abstinence for a moment, shall we?

  1. voluntary forbearance especially from indulgence of an appetite or craving or from eating some foods : ABSTENTION
  2. habitual abstaining from intoxicating beverages

Refrain. Don't do. And to the right-wing moronic idiots like Dancing Money and Tango Monkey (read: Pope, Catholic Church), it is the one sure-fire method for preventing the spread of HIV. And they aren't wrong. It is the only sure fire way to prevention... but do people do it, or more precisely, not do it?

I think we all know the answer is no.

People have sex. People are wired to have sex. It feels good. Evolution knew it needed something to make sure we kept the species going, and we did not disappoint. Even here, in the U.S., under Dancing Monkey's "Abstinence Only" funding, teen's all over America have taken "vows" and such to abstain until marriage, but how many keep those vows? See these articles: The data goes on and on like that, and it has for years. Kids are going to have sex. And if all you teach is abstinence, and not SAFE SEX, more are going to get pregnant. More are going to get sick. More are going to die.

Teaching kids about condoms and safe sex isn't immoral. Not teaching them is naive and dangerous.

The Pope still thinks Jesus will prevent married spouses from giving one another AIDS when one has it and the other doesn't. How that man can sleep at night, I'll never know. He also just put out a sweeping condemnation on not only the use of condoms, but artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization, and any other "artificial" ways of conceiving a child...

How is this a culture of life? Not only do we ignore preventive measures that at least give you a better chance (though certainly not full-proof) of not getting infected by HIV/AIDS if they choose not to abstain, but then we tell couples that can't just have sex and pop out a kid that they can't pursue other means of doing so? Sure adoptin is an option, but until the state and federal governments make adoption an affordable alternative, people are going to spend their money to keep their gene pool going.

There is nothing wrong with teaching abstinence. It's a good thing. But to think that only teaching abstinence is the way to go is stupid, plain and simple. Teaching people to put their faith in the church's policies that dictate condom use is a no-no, and that they won't get AIDS even though their spouse in infected, is really stupid and certainly isn't life affirming.

It is sentencing millions who rely on the church for a "moral" life choice... to death.


Ergo Sum said...

A very good post.

This is yet another example that reveals the true anti-life premises of religion.

You said: teaching kids about sex and condoms is not immoral. Not teaching would me naive and dangerous...

To that I would add, not teaching them their options of safe sex is immoral and evil. It's sending them to their deaths when you know fully well it can be prevented.

Anonymous said...

I agree but just for the record, much as I think George W Bush is the worst President your country has ever had, I think your argument would be stronger if you didn't refer to him as the "Dancing Monkey."

Kelly said...

I think abstinence is the ONLY way to go.

Haha, I'm just kidding. I just thought I'd try that out. I think that abstaining is a great thing to teach, but I agree that it shouldn't be the only thing that is taught or expected. And, obviously, the birth rates prove that it doesn't work.

The idea of abstinence starts at home and can't be something that you just decide. I personally have never had sex with anyone beside my husband, but it was because of my own personal beliefs that were instilled very early on. And someone in the heat of passion at 16 probably shouldn't make that decision.

So what's worse? Premarital sex or abortion? If you want to decrease the number of abortions, increase the amount of safe-sex education so pregnancy doesn't occur in the first place. It's not rocket science.

Jason Hughes said...

Ergo: Too true!

Kelly: Also too true!

Anon: Umm... he is a dancing monkey... would you rather I call him the shit-faced asshole motherfucker of our country? Cause either way, he's still incompetent, still a liar, and still the biggest mistake the U.S. has ever made...

Thanks for stopping by, though!

DaBich said...

Very well said. I agree with you 100%...including the views on the Dancing Monkey!

Kelly said...

"Shit-faced asshole motherfucker of our country"? That's it...they'll be coming after you for sure. Nice knowing you.

(Don't tell them I agree with your new moniker.)

Darkmind said...
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Dar said...

My daughter will not be having sex of any kind...

...and I am the Queen of England.

Actually, at almost 13, my child is aware of masturbation options. Play with toys, not boys! I recommend to her that she should not look at or touch a real naked boy (or girl?) until she is mature enough to say the words penis, vagina and condom without turning red or giggling profusely.

Another recommendation, this one is for parents: Read your kid's diary as often as you can! If you think your child is too young and isn't possibly thinking about sex, think again! Sex is omnipresent, no matter what you teach in your home. There is nowhere to hide. And this may come as a shock to some of you, but kids LIE. That's what they do. If you're honest with them and sensitive to their questions, fulfilling their curiosity as much as possible, they will be much more comfortable with you and alot less likely to lie to your face. But the diary so you know what's REALLY going on.

Anonymous said...

This is true "Cause either way, he's still incompetent, still a liar, and still the biggest mistake the U.S. has ever made."

The problem with calling him a a "dancing monkey... [or] the shit-faced asshole motherfucker of our country?"
Is that the other Shit-faced asshole Motherfuckers and those that might support them, stop listening.

The best thing is to point out that he has lied will lie and wants to turn back the clocks on social programs 100 years.

If your opponents call you names you feel justified in your arrogance. If they rip off your shorts and show the world the ass you are, then you succeed.

Shall we expose Bush or give him a wedgy?

Jason Hughes said...

Well, Anonymous, if you feel that strongly about it, start your own blog, and put it the way you want, and put a name and a face behind it! I may even add your link here if I agree with what you're saying... Of course, I add links to blogs I don't agree with too, so I suppose you could still hope for that, too! :D

You assume that right-wingers would listen to me even if I didn't call him Dancing Monkey, and perhaps it may turn off a few, but most of them don't listen to the most astute and well-written pieces of journalism anyway, and if they aren't going to listen to Anderson Cooper or Larry King, what makes you think they're stopping by here for the latest truth about the Dancing Monkey?

My blog, so I'll say it however I choose. Yes, I may come across as arrogant--I have that tendency in all things I do--but it's still true... Feel free to give him a wedgy if you wish, and I'll keep slapping him around in my own way, okay?

Dar: Welcome back! How's baseball going? I hope you're having all the fun you hoped... and I applaud you for encouraging your daughter to explore healthy sexual options! I think everyone can agree it's much preferred to some of the other things that could happen to a young lady these days!

Darkmind: Feel free to comment for as long as you like... I don't censor! And after some of my--ahem, shall we say longer posts?--I don't even blink at the length of that one! :D LOL

Kelly: Just because you ain't paranoid doesn't mean they ain't out to get you!

Dabich: Is Anonymous right? Is it all a useless game of name-calling? LOL, probably, but thank you!

Ergo: I agree with your addition; options are the key. Without options, we are nothing more than mindless robots fulfilling our programming...

Thank you all for your input, even the anonymous ones...