Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm Walkin' On Sunshine!

And don't it feel fucking good!

So my week started off great because the Scheduler called off sick two days in a row after never having done so in thirteen years... Thank God for small favors. My department has been getting things done quickly and early, and I just found out today that, even though she didn't tell me herself, Bethany has handed in her two-week notice. Nancy had to tell me, and I didn't even bother asking the why's and wherefore's... I'm just happy she's going to be gone. Begin the countdown: 7 full days left of Bitch-any.


I can't stand her. Neither can anyone else for that matter, as her workmanship is sloppy, half-assed, and she constantly talks about how smart she is.


In other stupendous news this week, I finally got my ostrich ferns for my shade garden, which Rich wasn't too thrilled about due to the fact that he thinks they look like weeds, but then again, he thought my tulips were tiger lilies, so we'll see if he doesn't change his mind after I've got the whole thing landscaped perfectly. And he will. Because he loves me. And because he doesn't have a choice. :D

Also, found out I'm getting a hefty chuck of change from Uncle Sam when I did my taxes, nearly quadruple my usual return due to my failed internet business of early last year. Thank God for small favors. I see more ostrich ferns in the future! :D

Anyway, the sun is out, it's 75 degrees, and I am going outside to sit in the sun and enjoy!


Dar said...

Hi Jason,
Thanks for adding my blog to yours, that is nice of you even though I currently only have two posts and there is not much to reading to enjoy...even so, I'm glad you enjoyed what I have put there thus far. I'm still figuring out how to do things here, so please bear with my ugly format until I figure out how to customize :)

Jason Hughes said...

Hey, everyone learns and writes and their own pace, and I figure, when you do have something to post about, I'm bound to enjoy it! :D

Kelly said...

Dammit, another song title. I'd hate to sit inside your brain for a day, because if we get a glimpse there's some scary shit in there.

Well, I guess I could forgive you considering the topic of your post ROCKS. That's right, Know-It-All leaving freaking ROCKS. I think I'll just keep saying ROCKS. Hey, maybe that's why she's leaving! Maybe she got tired of you saying "You rock!"

It can't POSSIBLY have anything to do with no one liking her. Do you think?