Sunday, March 12, 2006

What's a Republican To Do?

So, once again, I was watching George Stephanopoulos again on ABC. This time Rep. Bill Frist was on. Once again, George asked about South Dakota's communistic law about abortions, and the banning of all except in the case of the mother's life. Again, it went very similar to John McCain's appearance on the show:

George:So, if you were governor of South Dakota, would you have signed this bill?
Frist:Well, I've always been anti-abortion except in cases of rape, incest, and the mother's life. We have way too many abortions in this country.
George:So you wouldn't sign? Or you would?
Frist:Well, I think the voters know where I stand. I've always been pro-life and value the sanctity of life...
blah blah blah

What is it about the right-wing? They always say their against abortion except in three cases:

  1. Incest
  2. Rape
  3. Life of the Mother

So why can't they just say "I wouldn't sign that bill?" as the bill doesn't make exceptions for rape and incest? Or, better yet, why can't they even say, "Normally I would, but in these instances..."?
Because they either:

  1. really don't feel that Rape or Incest are good enough reasons to terminate a pregnancy, even though it's not their child they'll have to raise and look at every day with the knowledge of where that child came from, and even of they were pushing it out of their Hoo-Hoo-Dilly hole and then giving it up for adoption, going through the whole traumatic experience of delivering a child brought about in such a fashion...
  2. Or, they never really believed the state should tell a woman what to do to begin with but know it'll cost them votes on either side if they take a stand either way...

Regardless, these are the kinds of morons that have controlled this country for the past 6 years... and in the 2004 elections, the majority of Americans voted to keep 'em. Bunch of idiots in this country I live in, that's for sure. These are also the same morons that allow Dancing Monkey Bush to keep breaking the law without investigating, that want to write a law post-effective so that he never did break the law with his illegal wiretaps (even though he did), that keeps wanting to give tax breaks to people who don't need to work two full-time jobs just to keep their house (barely!), left vacation early the only time ever to insert himself into a family to tell them they couldn't take a woman off life support, who lied about Saddam and WMD and tried to correlate it into 9/11 which Saddam had nothing to do with, who spends tons of money rebuilding Iraq but can't spend half as much to rebuild New Orleans, who claims that he's still hunting for Osama bin Laden (remember him? the real mastermind behind 9/11?), and...

You know what? This could take hours. And, if I thought the average American was half-way intelligent, I know I wouldn't be wasting my breath. But, unfortunately, I think I am (wasting my breath). To all of you who are not morons, I understand and feel your anger. Make sure you vote in 2006 and 2008. Try to get our country back from these assholes. And make sure the right-wing morons know that a theocracy America is not. It is the Land of the Free. Not the Land of the Christians. People (and, yes, right-wingers, that includes women) should be able to live how they want, when they want, as they want UNLESS it infringes upon someone else's right to live how/when/as they want. And abortion, gay marriage, divorce does not meet those requirements. You think abortion is wrong? Don't have one! You think gay marriage is wrong? Don't marry someone of the same sex! You think divorce/adultery/drinking/gambling are wrong? Then don't fucking do them!!! But DON'T think that just because you think they are wrong, everyone should live that way.

So what's a Republican to do? Don't like the fact that our constitution garuntees individual rights? Either don't participate in those rights, or move to fucking China. Interestingly enough, right-wing morons and China (not to mention Iran and Cuba) agree on a lot of things. The freedoms of individuals not being necessary happen to be one of them.

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Kelly said...

Wait, we have to VOTE for president? Dammit, no wonder why my wishing well hasn't worked so far. My apologies to Gore and Kerry.