Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Okay, so I have this issue...

Don't we all? I had--not an epiphany--but a kind of realization. I have work friends, and hang out friends, and hardly ever (and by hardly ever, I mean I can remember once) when the two were merged briefly. Meaning one day, Meaning Dorney Park.

Anywho, this kind of bothers me. But should it?

I don't think Kelly took offense when I met her with silence when she said, "You mean you wouldn't want to hang out together outside of work?" (and if she did, I apologize). I had just never actually thought about it. I didn't know what to say, but I said, "Sure." I mean, I honestly don't think I would mind hanging out with Kelly outside of work. She's one of the coolest girls I know. I think we'd have a lot of fun.

But why do I have this segmented flow of people in my life?

After pondering this question (and use "ponder" loosely) for a few seconds, I think it has to do with privacy. I am a very private person, in that, I love alone time. Cherish it, actually. I like to call the shots of who talk to and when. I allow very few people to breech that wall of self-imposed solitude. And the more people I know who interact together, the more I will get drawn into discussions, the more chances to meet more people, and pretty soon I have people calling me at all hours and never get alone time. Okay, so I'm a solitary drama-queen with an over-active imagination.

So maybe I should do more things outside of work. I go home, I surf, and keep the coal stove going. In summer, I go home, garden, mow the lawn, and wash my car while avoiding my neighbors. I only leave my house when
a.) I have to;
b.) Rich makes me;
c.) To go see a movie I love;
d.) to go to a club to hear the DJ. Oh, and sometimes I go see my mother and father. That would be e.)

Oh well. Any ideas? Thoughts? Comments? Questions?

******Topic shift

I hate supervisors. They aren't even my supervisors. If you have work that my department needs to do, just bring it the fuck over! Don't call and hem and haw and dodge the issue! Am I that scary? Do I bite heads off? This is how the call just went:

ME: Hello?
SUP: Hey, Jason, do you have people open?
ME: That depends. What have you got?
SUP: Well, I have this AA ...
ME: ... and?
SUP: Well, I was wondering if I should ask the client for more time...
ME: How many errors?
SUP: Maybe I'll just ask anyway...
ME: How many errors?
SUP: Over 400...
ME: Just bring it over and put it on the window wall. We'll get it done.
SUP: Are you backed up?
ME: No, but you can just--
SUP: Cause I can ask for more time if you need it.
ME: We'll get it done today.
SUP: Should I bring it straight to you?
ME: No, you can just put it on the window wall...
SUP: Okay. Are you sure?
ME: Yes.

Does anyone else see this as a useless conversation besides me? People are stupid.


Kelly said...

No offense taken, although I thought we had a connection, man! :)

Although I do think you're being a tad bit dramatic when you say that people would call you at all hours of the day and night just because you hung out a couple of times. Unless you have reeeally social friends.

Of course I think the key is to get someone like MOI, who would just hang out a couple of times and probably never call. (Did I ever mention my phone phobia?!)

Kelly said...

Oh, and you ARE scary. :p

At least they wanted to get more time for the job!