Monday, February 6, 2006

About this Mohammed cartoon...

Okay. So Muslims believe that any image of Mohammad is sacrilege, right? Or so they say. So the guy who drew this cartoon, is he Muslim? I have yet to hear a report about who even drew the cartoon, let alone if he's upset by all this hubbub or not. But this is a clear example of why religious beliefs should stay out of the civil spectrum.

Okay, this may come as a shock to some Muslims (even though I have no idea why), but NOT EVERYONE BELIEVES THAT AN IMAGE OF MOHAMMAD IS SACRILEGE. Just like this statement might upset a lot of conservatives: NOT EVERYONE BELIEVES THAT ABORTION IS MURDER.

See, that's the cool things about what America is SUPPOSED to be like. You can believe either of the above statements are true OR false, but NEITHER should be written into law. Why? Because of freedom. Just because person A thinks that abortion is murder and person B thinks everyone should be able to get one, a law that says we CAN have abortions is fine because it doesn't require the non-believer to GET an abortion. Only those who want an abortion performed can get one. And those that think it is wrong don't have to have one. See? Freedom o choice, much like Yahweh gave the two morons in the garden of Eden. He gave them freedom of choice, so why are conservatives so bent on getting rid of ours?

Anyway, back to the cartoon.

If not everyone is Muslim, why can't Muslims just go, "Oh, yeah, hey! He's not even a Muslim, so he couldn't possibly have made an image of Mohammad." Or "Hey, he doesn't know, he's just a stupid infidel. Oh well." Be pissed. Fine, be angry. But to riot and murder over a cartoon?!?!?! I think Mohammad, Jesus, AND Ganesha rolled over in their graves. The silliness of it all.

I mean, did Ali wake up, see the newspaper, and think, "I must burn the Danish embassy over this!" Moron. You can be pissed and still do constructive things. Like write an article explaining why you were so offended by the cartoon. Acknowledge that as a Muslim, you would never do such a thing and this is why. Or even admonish other young Muslims about why they should never do these things.

I don't know, I guess it's just a totally different mind set. But why do people of certain beliefs always expect people to live the way they believe? Why is it so hard to let everyone just hold their personal beliefs and live and let live? I'm all for conservatives having the right to believe in Creationism, and that they teach it every single freakin' Sunday to thousands of little kids. That's their right, and I would never sue them to get them to change their Sunday school curriculum. I just wouldn't take my kid there. I would never burn down my neighbors house just because they have a silly little flag that they have hanging outside that says "Jesus Saves." It's their right to have that flag. I just won't put one up, and no one should make a law saying that everyone should.

Am I getting through to anyone here? I know millions of you take time out of your busy days just to see what I have to say, but some of you better get some sense knocked into you.

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Ergo Sum said...

Yea. True. But I would not really agree with what you said about "freedom o choice in the garden of eden".

I don't think those two morons were given the freedom of choice. Remember, they were instructed *not* to eat of the fruits of the two trees... and were admonished (persumably, the entire human race as a consequence) for having eaten off the tree.

Thanks for coming over to my site, btw. I happened to write about God and the Garden of Eden recently in one of my posts: