Saturday, January 21, 2006

This is why I'm always tired on Mondays...

I'm surfing the net at almost midnight on Saturday.

I remember the good old days when I used to be broke and clubbing every Saturday night (not to mention Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night... and so on and so forth...) I was also broke. Correlation, anyone?

I've decided that I need new hobbies. I used to enjoy reading, but that was before I became an editor. FYI: Never get a job you think you might enjoy. You only end up hating the things you used to enjoy, and then you have nothing you enjoy. (Okay, nothing is a bit melodramatic, but you know what I mean.)

I've started painting and drawing again, and may even try selling some of them on eBay... I'll keep you all posted. (I know, the millions of you that bother to read my daily rants and raves are just dying to buy a piece of my artwork. Calm down, calm down, everyone.)

Now that I'm thirty, I'm wondering why I bother getting up to go to a job that I hate every day. I don't even really hate my job per se. I love the work, I just hate the people I do it with. The almighty scheduler defeats any reason for busting my ass on a daily basis as he makes it quite impossible to ever catch up with all his rush work. (This is funny: I got an three e-mails within the last half hour of work on Friday, warning of rush jobs coming in first thing Monday that just had to be done. [Keep in mind, he had already filled our schedules with other work that just had to be done on Monday.] On the third, my brain hemorrhaged, and I e-mailed him back [even though I could have just turned around and talked loudly so he could here me through the oh-so-thick drywall separating his office from my cubicle] and said, "Is there ever a job that isn't rush? To which he responded about the last e-mail, "This one is an extreme rush.")

No. I am not kidding. Not only was everything all ready "rush," but on that insurmountable pile of work on Monday that was all "rush," there was now an "extreme rush." What, like suddenly all other "rush" work should be put on hold till later on Monday to do the "extreme rush"? What the hell is that? Do they all need done on Monday? Yes. Will there be hell in meetings to pay if any of it isn't complete? Yes. Will the world as we know it come to a screeching halt, bringing on the apocalypse, disease,and pestilence to every known corner of the universe? If you work where I work, you would know this response isn't so dramatic, but indeed, reality in the eyes of the Jones's.* Not to mention the eyes of Scheduler. He also suggested I sit in his seat sometime to see how I like it.

*Last names have been changed to protect my ass in the extreme off-chance that they would read this.

Now this is what really pisses me off. Not only do I constantly rearrange his "schedule" to make sure that everything gets done within normal business hours, I also manage to constantly rearrange the precious schedule of gold and silver so that almost everything "rush" and unscheduled gets done with almost NO overtime. Every fucking week we are scheduled at least 10 hours of OT, and every fucking week, I manage to get all that shit done within 2 hours of OT or less. OR LESS. I could sit in his chair, removing his precious ass-heater if for no other reason than the "ick" factor, and get his job done with time to spare.

This is not an empty brag.

But I will never be given that chance because I cannot possibly bring myself to crawl that far up N. and J. Jones' asses. Not only would it be very messy, but then I would have actual visual proof of the lack of souls in their physical bodies. Tomorrow begins (as every Sunday does) an item-by-item look-through in the want-ads.

Here's hoping for a reason to get up on Monday.


Kelly said...

Ass heater?!?!?

Jason Hughes said...

You never saw it on his chair?

It's there a lot more often during "softball" season...

like softball's a sport...